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character info.
NAME. Scott McCall.
SERIES. Teen Wolf.
AGE. 16.
HEIGHT&WEIGHT. 5'10'' and 160lbs.
APPEARANCE. picture.
TRIGGERS. He dislikes situations where he's not in control, and dislikes being out of his comfort zone. He will react badly if his friends or family are threatened. He won't like cruelty to animals or bullying behavior.
MEDICAL INFO. He's a werewolf. Yep. Generally he looks like a regular human teenager with a slightly uneven jawline, but he turns into a typical horror-movie style werewolf complete with pointy ears, yellow eyes, excessive body hair, sharp teeth, and claws. Click on the picture link above for an example. He's a beta werewolf, so you can't catch lycanthropy from him even if he bites you, which he's unlikely to do anyway, so there's that. However, he heals very quickly and is generally hard to kill unless you can poison him with wolfsbane, or prevent his transformations with electric shocks or something like that. Being a werewolf also enhances Scott in his human form. He is faster, stronger, and much more agile than an ordinary human. His hearing and sense of smell are more like a canine's, and his eyesight also becomes sharper when his eyes turn yellow.
MENTAL INFO. He will try to be conciliatory, but is prone to losing his temper. He tries to stay calm since getting angry or stressed can make him wolf out by accident. Scott is highly protective of the people around him, even if they are more like acquaintances than friends. He is generally always against killing, and is reluctant to kill even his enemies unless there is no other choice. He will however fight fiercely to protect his friends and family. He has something of a hero complex, regularly stating that he doesn't want someone to get hurt or that he's trying to protect them.
FOURTH-WALLING. Sure, go ahead. His reaction will range from confused to amused, it won't upset or annoy him.
PHYSICAL CONTACT. It won't bother him. Be aware that if it's violent, he's likely to react in kind. Friendly hugs and that sort of thing will generally be okay.
ROMANCE/SEXUAL RELATIONS. Neither of these are likely to happen unless your name is Allison Argent. He has been known to kiss another girl on the full moon, when his attitude is more primal and he's kind of an all-around dick, but that's not his usual behavior.
INJURE/KILL. Injuring is fine; as noted earlier, he heals very quickly and from almost anything (within reason). Killing will likely never be okay, unless there's an event or plot around it - if you'd like to do something with this please talk to me.
DEVICE HACKING. Scott is canonly terrible with passwords and anything like that, so yes, go ahead.
THREADJACKING. Please do! I like it.
ANYTHING ELSE. Scott's yellow eyes are generally only visible when he's transforming/already transformed. However, if you take a picture of him, his eyes will emit a yellow glow (similar to the reflection of light in a cat's eyes) which will obscure his face.

The combination of Scott's enhanced hearing and sense of smell are powerful enough that he can hear a person's heartbeat and identify them by it. He can trace a person's scent, and he can tell if someone's lying by reading the change to their heart beat. His sense of smell will also pick up other werewolves. If someone is a werewolf - or indeed any other kind of altered human / non-human, he'll probably be able to smell it. I won't use those abilities on your character unless you've said it's okay. Given that, I would be very grateful if you could fill in the below! Please be as detailed as possible.


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