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Scott McCall

Diary of a Teen Wolf

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Name:Scott McCall

"You might be an Alpha, but you're not mine."

Name: Scott McCall
Canon: Teen Wolf
Biography: Teen Wolf Wiki

Games: Exit Void: [community profile] exitvoid
Canon Point: End of Series 2.

Interests (32):

allison, allison argent, annoying jackson, at&t phones, avoiding werewolf packs, blink-182, crime scenes, doing stupid stuff because stiles says so, driving, exercise, forgetting tests, giant lizards, girls with dimples called allison, glowing yellow eyes, guitars, holding allison's hand, horror films, kids of 88, kissing allison, lacrosse, locker rooms, lost in kostko, protecting allison, protecting people, rooftops, skateboarding, skipping class, sport, the black lips, uneven jawlines, watching allison, werewolves
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