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How am I doing with Scott? Please leave any questions or comments here.

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IC Contact

Hi, this is Scott. I can't take your call right now. Leave a message, I'll get back to you.

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2029-01-23 07:03 pm

Mun Contact and Plotting

MUN: [personal profile] halfbloodly
AIM: mysterytourist
PLURK: [plurk.com profile] halfbloodly
CHARA E-MAIL: scott.mccall@compass.net

This post is to serve as a central point of contact and plotting post. If you have anything you would like to discuss or plot out, this is the place to come!
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2028-01-23 10:30 pm


character info.
NAME. Scott McCall.
SERIES. Teen Wolf.
AGE. 16.
HEIGHT&WEIGHT. 5'10'' and 160lbs.
APPEARANCE. picture.
TRIGGERS. He dislikes situations where he's not in control, and dislikes being out of his comfort zone. He will react badly if his friends or family are threatened. He won't like cruelty to animals or bullying behavior.
MEDICAL INFO. He's a werewolf. Yep. Generally he looks like a regular human teenager with a slightly uneven jawline, but he turns into a typical horror-movie style werewolf complete with pointy ears, yellow eyes, excessive body hair, sharp teeth, and claws. Click on the picture link above for an example. He's a beta werewolf, so you can't catch lycanthropy from him even if he bites you, which he's unlikely to do anyway, so there's that. However, he heals very quickly and is generally hard to kill unless you can poison him with wolfsbane, or prevent his transformations with electric shocks or something like that. Being a werewolf also enhances Scott in his human form. He is faster, stronger, and much more agile than an ordinary human. His hearing and sense of smell are more like a canine's, and his eyesight also becomes sharper when his eyes turn yellow.
MENTAL INFO. He will try to be conciliatory, but is prone to losing his temper. He tries to stay calm since getting angry or stressed can make him wolf out by accident. Scott is highly protective of the people around him, even if they are more like acquaintances than friends. He is generally always against killing, and is reluctant to kill even his enemies unless there is no other choice. He will however fight fiercely to protect his friends and family. He has something of a hero complex, regularly stating that he doesn't want someone to get hurt or that he's trying to protect them.
FOURTH-WALLING. Sure, go ahead. His reaction will range from confused to amused, it won't upset or annoy him.
PHYSICAL CONTACT. It won't bother him. Be aware that if it's violent, he's likely to react in kind. Friendly hugs and that sort of thing will generally be okay.
ROMANCE/SEXUAL RELATIONS. Neither of these are likely to happen unless your name is Allison Argent. He has been known to kiss another girl on the full moon, when his attitude is more primal and he's kind of an all-around dick, but that's not his usual behavior.
INJURE/KILL. Injuring is fine; as noted earlier, he heals very quickly and from almost anything (within reason). Killing will likely never be okay, unless there's an event or plot around it - if you'd like to do something with this please talk to me.
DEVICE HACKING. Scott is canonly terrible with passwords and anything like that, so yes, go ahead.
THREADJACKING. Please do! I like it.
ANYTHING ELSE. Scott's yellow eyes are generally only visible when he's transforming/already transformed. However, if you take a picture of him, his eyes will emit a yellow glow (similar to the reflection of light in a cat's eyes) which will obscure his face.

The combination of Scott's enhanced hearing and sense of smell are powerful enough that he can hear a person's heartbeat and identify them by it. He can trace a person's scent, and he can tell if someone's lying by reading the change to their heart beat. His sense of smell will also pick up other werewolves. If someone is a werewolf - or indeed any other kind of altered human / non-human, he'll probably be able to smell it. I won't use those abilities on your character unless you've said it's okay. Given that, I would be very grateful if you could fill in the below! Please be as detailed as possible.

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2013-01-20 04:24 am

Application for Exit Void

PERSONAL JOURNAL: [personal profile] halfbloodly
CONTACT: Plurk: [plurk.com profile] halfbloodly, AIM: mysterytourist

SERIES: Teen Wolf. Basic background information about the show can be found here and here, while specific background information about Scott's role and history in the show is here.
CANON POINT: The end of Season 2, shortly following the final scene where Scott practices lacrosse with Stiles.
AGE: 16



Scott is a friendly, caring and responsible teenager. He is interested in sports, particularly lacrosse, and prior to his infection with lycanthropy had maintained a decent grade point average and held down a part time job at his local veterinary hospital. He had been a reserve on the school's lacrosse team, and had not been particularly popular, spending most of his time around his best friend Stiles. The day after his infection, he meets new student Allison Argent, and develops a near instant attraction to her. As he begins to realize what has happened to him, and fellow werewolf Derek begins to become a part of his life, Scott finds himself trying to balance all the difficulties that come with his new life as a werewolf against his school life, his friendship with Stiles, and his attempts to get closer to Allison. As a result, his grades begin to suffer and his sense of responsibility begins to be focused less on his education, and more on the immediate necessity of protecting his friends from being hurt by the dangers that face them - originally the first Alpha werewolf, Peter Hale, and later the threat of the Kanima and its various masters. He is also deeply concerned with hiding his identity as a werewolf from Beacon Hills' uninformed residents - most particularly his mother, who eventually discovers his secret in season 2.

Although his heart is usually in the right place, Scott does not always make the best decisions when it comes to protecting the people he cares about. In particular, during season 1 he is often more predominantly concerned with how whatever he is involved in affects Allison, rather than focusing on his other friends. During season 2, as Allison becomes drawn more into her family's activities and Scott allies himself with Derek's pack, he finds himself having to actively choose between Allison and his friends, with the result that he seems unable to find a solution that lets him be on everyone's side at once. He also regularly finds that he's dealing with multiple problems at once, each of which are spearheaded by threats that he sees as stronger or bigger than himself. Although he instinctively wants to protect his friends, he worries that "I won't be able to protect you. I can't protect anyone" (Series 1, Co-Captain), because he recognizes that he is himself in genuine danger. Despite this, he regularly risks his own life in order to protect the people he loves, and even when he is afraid of what will happen he will still do what needs to be done.

Of all the people that he cares about, there is no one who means more to Scott than Allison. He is shown to be fixated on her from the moment he first sees her, and his relationship with her is one of the strongest influences in his life. He sees his relationship with Allison as both a strength and a weakness; she is the person he loves most, and as such his protective instincts are at their strongest around her. This means that she has a way of bringing the human side of Scott back to the surface even when his more bestial, werewolf side is in control of his body. When she is with him, he finds it easier to control his temper - and therefore to control his transformations, which are linked to strong emotions like anger. Additionally, when the alpha werewolf 'commands' Scott to kill his friends, the sound of Allison's voice brings him enough out of his trance to realize what he is doing, and he locks the door of the room his friends are in to keep them safe from him rather than attacking them. That the sound of Allison's voice could be more powerful for Scott than the command of the werewolf who infected him is notable, since the command of the alpha is supposed to be final. However, Allison is also capable of making Scott lose control, since he has been known to partially transform while engaged in sexual activity with her. His feelings towards Allison are also complicated by the fact that she is related to the hunters who kill werewolves, and that it is her family's intention that she join them in this business. Scott is wary of her family, and in general he works against them. This creates a tension between himself and Allison that becomes more pronounced in the second season, and eventually causes a distance between them when Scott realizes that Allison has gone to her family about the Kanima problem and, in so doing, as unwittingly brought herself and the Argent hunters into the middle of the Pack's plan to capture the Kanima. Scott angrily tells Allison to stay out of the way. Later, when Allison wants to kill Derek due to the death of her mother, Scott's attempts to reach her are ignored, and they are not able to reconcile until the very end of the series when the situation with her manipulative grandfather has been solved. However, Scott's feelings for Allison clearly remain strong and he confirms that he still believes there is a future for them, even when she makes it clear that she needs space and breaks up with him. He tells her that he thinks they are meant to be together, and afterwards tells Stiles that he feels certain they'll eventually reconcile.

Scott also feels strong protective instincts towards his other friends; most notably Stiles, who is his most trusted and best friend, and who has known that he is a werewolf from the beginning. Stiles is arguably the only person that Scott trusts implicitly and consistently with the problems going on in his life - while the Kanima is loose, they predominantly investigate the problem together, only allying with Derek's Pack when it's clear the situation is spiraling out of control. Stiles is regularly drawn in to Scott's problems and they generally make plans of action together.

Scott has a particularly complicated relationship with Derek, an older werewolf who initially tried to teach Scott to control his powers, and later developed into an uneasy ally. Scott's relationship with Derek expands in season 2 and generally wavers between loyal allegiance and rivalry. Scott sides with Derek reluctantly, at first rejecting the offer to join his pack completely, and later agreeing to work with them only on the condition that they will hunt the Kanima his way (i.e. with the agreement that they would capture rather than kill). Scott does not entirely trust Derek, despite them generally being on the same side. While he allies with and frequently takes risks to help Derek, he has been known to blame Derek for the problems surrounding them and has even used him as a scapegoat in order to prevent his other friends from finding out that he was a werewolf. Scott therefore maintains a strained friendship with Derek, but despite their differences they are generally able to work together when the need arises.

This feeling seems to extend to Scott's relationships with Derek's pack - he is initially distrustful of Erica, Isaac and Boyd. At first he has an antagonistic relationship with the pack, which develops into an uneasy alliance once he decides to work with them. Despite this, his natural protective streak remains clear in his interactions with them; when they are working together, he tells Isaac to be careful since he does not want him to get hurt, something which visibly startles Isaac and is the precursor to them becoming genuine friends by the end of the season.

His relationship with Derek is also illustrative of another part of Scott's personality; he has a tendency towards selfishness, despite his need to protect the people he cares about. When his own interests are threatened, such as when Allison's mother tries to kill him, he is willing to call out to Derek for help and at this stage is happy to be working with the pack. However, despite this he remains generally consistent in rejecting Derek as 'his' Alpha, even after Derek has saved him; he keeps secret his plans to defeat Gerard and, at the end of season 2, directly states that 'you may be an Alpha, but you're not mine', reinforcing his independence. Part of the reason for this may be that Scott is an only child, living alone with his mother, who is divorced from his father. Scott never seems upset that his father is gone, and when his mother is asked about his feelings surrounding the divorce, she indicates that he's happy as things are. However, this means that Scott lacks a defined father figure in his life, and when his grades begin to slip, this is the first reason his teachers can think of for the downturn in his educational dedication. Although they are wrong to assume this, since the real reason for his sudden change in focus is his lycanthropy, it may help to explain why Scott feels protective towards the people he counts as friends, and dislikes the controlling male authority represented by Derek. He does, however, have a very positive relationship with Dr Deaton, his boss; although the vet is a male authority figure, he tends to treat Scott kindly and gives him advice rather than orders. They have a consistently, mutually trusting relationship throughout both seasons, with the vet even chastising Derek for not putting his trust in Scott.

Scott also has a difficult relationship with Jackson Whittemore, a fellow student who is his co-captain on the school lacrosse team. Scott and Jackson are rivals, though notably when he is in trouble, Scott acts to protect Jackson where possible. Despite getting angry and frustrated when Jackson initially flirts with Allison to get at him, Scott later asks Jackson to take Allison to the school dance and protect her since he is forbidden from officially attending. This shows that although Scott is easily annoyed by Jackson and generally does not behave as though he particularly likes him, he has the capability and willingness to put those feelings aside when the situation is important enough. Though Scott does not always make the right decisions, he has a serious mentality and an understanding that he cannot always rely on his instincts to make the right decision for him. When it is discovered that Jackson is the Kanima, Scott stays resolutely determined not to kill him, even though Jackson has never really been his friend, and even though Jackson goes as far as to take restraining orders against Scott and Stiles to keep them away from him. He seems to feel that he has a responsibility to keep Jackson safe regardless of what rivalries are between them.

Relying on reason rather than instinct is, however, difficult for Scott. His werewolf transformations are linked to his emotions, and as a werewolf his bestial instincts become much stronger. Scott can only maintain control of himself by controlling his emotions, and in particular by controlling his anger. This is something which is shown to be consistently difficult for him, though it is also shown to be easier when he is around Allison. It is at its most difficult during the full moon, which has a powerful affect on Scott. It brings his wilder nature to the surface even when he is in his human form; he gets angry, lustful and competitive and finds it very difficult to control these feelings. It has a powerful effect on his personality, making him more prone to act on his more selfish, aggressive instincts with less consideration of how his actions affect others. This is shown in season 1, when he kisses Stiles' longterm crush Lydia during this period, and again in season 2 when he is uncharacteristically unwilling to reconcile with Allison on the full moon after they had fought.

Towards the end of season 2, Scott begins to change from seeming like an unwilling party, forced into difficult situations, to being someone who actively wants to make a difference to the events happening around him. He had always displayed a protective trait towards the people around him, but as the season draws on be begins to be more focused on his goal of finding the Kanima and removing its threat by saving Jackson. Rather than doing what others tell him, he develops his own plans in secret, aided only by Dr Deaton who advises him on replacing Gerard Argent's medicine with a mountain ash to ensure that his body would reject the werewolf infection once he was bitten. He also starts to develop greater leadership qualities; in parallel with Derek's pack falling apart as Erica and Boyd abandon him, Scott begins to grow closer to Isaac and the two of them decide to work together. This development also serves to push Scott further away from Allison, who at that time is dealing with her mother's death and beginning to work with the Argents. However, it shows that Scott is beginning to accept that being a werewolf is part of his life, and that while he is unwilling to act as Derek's beta, he is willing to take independent action and do what he thinks needs to be done. This change culminates in Scott's successful defeating of Gerard. Though he has declared once and for all that he will not accept Derek as his Alpha, and his relationship with Allison is on hold, he ends the series on a positive note; playing lacrosse with Stiles, and seeming if not happy then at the least content at how everything has been resolved.


Scott has all the skills and abilities of an average beta werewolf in his universe. This means that his body is able to transform into a creature with distinctly wolf-like characteristics. His irises start to glow yellow, additional hair grows over his face and hands, his nails shift into claws, and his teeth become fangs. This transformation is at first involuntary, and is linked to Scott's more primal emotions - in particular, it is brought on when he is angry, lustful, or afraid. Anger is the strongest trigger for the change, meaning that Scott needs to quickly learn how to control his temper in order to stop himself from shifting against his will. In time, he mostly learns to control the change and is able to shift into a werewolf at will.

The change to Scott's looks is not the only way his condition affects him. After being infected with lycanthropy, he finds that he has been physically changed in a number of ways; his constitution has improved, and the asthma he'd suffered all his life has disappeared. Though he had previously been only a reserve on the school lacrosse team, he suddenly finds that he has become their best player; he is faster, stronger, and considerably more agile than any of his teammates. He is able to perform somersaults and jumps that he was never trained for, and is able to knock others off their feet with minimal effort. His reflexes have also improved dramatically; he has been shown as able to catch and deflect lacrosse balls by instinct, and has been able to catch arrows shot from a crossbow when they are aimed at him. When he gets particularly competitive or angry, he becomes even stronger and more focused, able to make seemingly impossible shots with incredible accuracy. His senses have also been enhanced; while in wolf form, he sees not in color but through a type of red-tinged haze which seems to help him focus on whatever target he is aiming for. His sense of smell is more acute, allowing him to track people by scent, and his hearing becomes extremely accurate. He is able to hear a person's heart beating in their chest, and can both recognize them by the sound of the beat, and hear changes in speed that indicated whether the person is angry or afraid. His hearing is powerful enough that he can hear a person talking to him in a low voice, even when they are separated by an entire room full of other people talking and laughing. In addition, he heals extremely quickly - superficial injuries such as cuts, bruises and even deeper wounds will heal rapidly and visibly, and broken bones will heal in a matter of moments. This means that injuries that could prove fatal to a human, such as stabbing or shooting, would not be fatal to him. He can, however, still be killed with ordinary weapons so long as they are able to strike a killing blow.

Scott's enhanced strength and reflexes make him less vulnerable than an ordinary human. His lycanthropy also brings with it a number of notable weaknesses; for example, all werewolves are fatally allergic to the aconite plant (also known as wolfsbane), and will die if they have enough exposure to it. He is also affected by rowan (also known as mountain ash), which physically repels werewolves as if they are opposite ends of a magnet. Additionally, the same elements that make him stronger and more powerful as a werewolf also make him, from another perspective, more weak. Just as his transformations are linked to base emotions such as anger and lust, so are those emotions linked to the transformations. This means that situations provoking those feelings in him can sometimes trigger a transformation even when he has not intended it.

Additonally, Scott as a werewolf is far more volatile and instinct-driven than he is as a human, because he is motivated by predatory, animal instincts that make him want to compete, fight, bite and kill. His human capability to think, reason and rationalize his behavior becomes less prominent, making him potentially dangerous even to people he cares about. In order to mitigate this, he needs to learn to control his emotions and thereby control his transformations. How easy this is for him to do depends on the situation. Under normal circumstances, he is generally able to stay in control; however, this becomes much more difficult if he is exceptionally angry, and is even more difficult on the full moon, which generally causes all werewolves to transform whether they want to or not. Preventing this requires a particular level of control, which takes Scott several months to achieve. Originally he was completely unable to control his transformation on the full moon. He was even less in control of his rational faculties as a werewolf than usual, and had been known to lock himself up for the duration in case he hurt someone by accident. By the time of his current canon point, he has shown the ability to keep complete control of his transformations at the full moon without the need for restraint. Despite this, keeping control of the werewolf remains at its most difficult during the full moon, and he tends to be much more tense and irritable during this time.


A set of ordinary clothes:
- a pair of grey sneakers
- plain socks
- a pair of ordinary blue jeans
- a long-sleeved t-shirt (white with red sleeves)
- a grey hooded sweatshirt and leather look jacket as shown here.

His house key and wallet, containing his driver's license, bank card and some loose change.

A sports bag containing his standard lacrosse equipment:
- School team uniform of maroon shirt (number 11) and white shorts
- white trainers
- one standard helmet
- one pair of gloves
- one stick
- two balls


A Scott entry from [community profile] abaxcity.


Scott climbed out of Stiles' jeep, lifting his lacrosse bag out with him. He raised his hand in goodbye and watched his friend drive off, the smile not fading until Stiles was out of sight.

Everything had seemed normal today. They'd talked about everything that had been going on, then forgotten it all on the field where they'd practiced and things had felt pretty much the way they used to before all of this started. Before the Kanima, before Derek, before Allison...before Scott was a werewolf at all. It seemed like it had been forever since it was just the two of them. In reality it had only been a few months. How could someone's life change so completely in just a few months?

So many people were now part of his life, so many people that it was difficult to imagine his life without. Derek, Isaac, Erica, Boyd, the Argents...Allison. They were all people that he hadn't even known before this started. He had no idea where things stood with Derek now. Scott had said Derek wasn't his Alpha, and it had felt pretty final. He was mostly relieved, glad that everything had been resolved, and glad that it hadn't been resolved by him pledging himself to follow Derek's orders for the rest of forever. At the same time, the Pack hadn't really gone away. Part of it had. He still had no idea where Boyd and Erica were, but Isaac was still around. When it came down to it, Isaac had been the person he relied on in the end. Isaac had been the friend who'd helped him, but Isaac had rejoined Derek and Peter now. Would the three of them form a pack together? How would that even work, if Derek and Peter were both Alphas?

Scott thought about that for the briefest of moments, then pushed it out of his mind. Whatever they decided to do wasn't any of his business. He wasn't going to be a part of it. He'd be their friend, yeah. Especially Isaac's, but Derek's too. And he'd have his eye on Peter, too, just in case he became a danger again. But in general? He knew their pack wasn't for him. The most he could hope for there was that whatever danger happened in the future - and he was sure there would be danger - that Stiles wouldn't be caught up in it again.

That was something he couldn't let happen. Gerard Argent had kidnapped Stiles, had beaten him badly. And why? To get to Scott. He'd deliberately chosen to hurt Scott's human friend. Gerard had been dealt with now, but who was to say he'd be the only person to ever use Stiles against him? Werewolves were fast healers. Stiles wasn't. And neither was Scott's mom. Now that she knew what he was, he didn't have to hide from her, but what if she'd been the one who was taken? Peter, back in the days when he was the crazy Alpha enemy rather than the crazy Alpha pack member, had tried to use his mom against him. Was she in more danger now?

He quietly resolved to keep both Stiles and his mom out of it, if he could. He owed that to both of them. Them being hurt because of him wasn't something he could deal with. He'd kept his plan to stop Gerard a secret. Well, he'd do that again if he had to. If it meant keeping the people he loved out of danger.

Then there was Allison. There was no doubt that he counted her in the group of people he loved. His mom was his family, and he'd known Stiles for so long that he was practically family too. Allison, he'd met the day after he became a werewolf. It wasn't so long ago that he hadn't known her at all, but she'd made as deep an impression in his life as the Bite. She was the first girl he'd ever loved. As far as Scott was concerned, she was the only girl he'd ever love, but he'd let her down. Her mom had tried to kill him just to keep him away from her. He didn't even know if Allison knew about it. If she didn't, Scott wasn't planning to tell her. Not now. That her mom was gone was already hurting Allison enough. It had pushed her over an edge that Scott hadn't even realized was there. He hadn't known how deeply she was suffering until it was too late to reach her, until she no longer wanted him to help. He had come so close to losing her forever. What if she'd really become like them? What if she'd become a hunter, permanently? What if she'd killed Derek, or Isaac? Would she have eventually started hunting Scott? He wanted to believe that was out of the question, but she'd been so far gone. And then he'd gotten her back, and she'd broken up with him.

His mind kept straying back to that - not to the breakup, but to the darkness he'd seen in her. She'd told him she needed time, that she didn't expect him to wait. He knew he couldn't do anything else. She needed time to leave the darkness behind, that much would've been obvious even to the slowest person. But Scott didn't believe that the two of them would end there. They'd been through so much. They'd talked about being together after college. He didn't think that could be gone forever. She'd told him there was no such thing as fate, but Scott knew she was wrong. She was still sitting with all that darkness around her, and she couldn't see the light. He could. She'd come back to him, when she was ready.

Until then, he'd just have to miss her. He'd have to think about her and miss her and want it to all be okay. This was the girl that he hadn't even met a few months ago.

Well, it turned out there wasn't anything he could do about that, either. He'd give Allison the time she needed. The pack, well...it would work itself out. Whether Scott could pull up his grades and get back onto the lacrosse team was a problem he could actively address, and wow, he couldn't believe that suddenly that was his biggest concern again. How many homework assignments, classes and detentions had he skipped out on to chase after the Kanima? He'd lost track. It had all just seemed so crazily unimportant, like who even cared about getting a C in Chemistry or Math when people were literally dying? It felt so weird to have that drama done. It felt somehow false, like his life had been full of so many storms that this calm was unnatural.

He had to stop thinking about it, and just enjoy the moment while it was here. Things weren't perfect. They were so far from perfect, but he had to move on from here. His life had changed radically, and more change was coming. Maybe for the first time, Scott was okay with that. He felt on top of what he was doing. He felt like his problems were within his control, that the worst of them had been resolved. It was time to put the last few months behind him, and move on to whatever the next few would bring.

A voice behind him called his name. He turned. His mom was at the door, giving him a concerned look. Scott smiled, gave her a little wave, and she went back inside. The door was left open for him. With a slight smile, Scott hoisted the bag over his shoulder, and headed for his home.